Lashing, Chocking & Palletisation

Deep expertise with a super skilled team in a wide variety of cargo handling. Providing innovative solutions for securing of all types of cargo, to ensure complete safety of cargo through even the roughest of transits. Highest quality materials used, with testing certificates for load bearing capacities.

Project Cargo/ODC Lashing on Flat Racks/Open Tops

Lashing and securing of all kinds of Heavy Project Cargo and ODC on Flat Racks and Open Tops. We use the highest quality tested and certified Nylon Belts and Wire Ropes for securing of cargo. Over two decades of expertise in knowing the right lashing points to ensure even load distribution and cargo safety.

Vehicle Lashing in Containers and in RoRo vessels

We work with OEMs as well as Forwarders to secure passenger and commercial vehicles in containers and in RoRo vessels. We also use wooden as well as steel racking systems for lashing multiple vehicles within a single container.

Pipe Bundling and Lashing

We provide bundling and lashing services for metallic and non-metallic large diameter pipes, coils, bars and tubes.

Lashing, Choking and Dunnage inside containers

For containerized cargo, we provide a nylon belt lashing, as well as wire rope lashing. Chocking is done with wood, or with nylon belts, as preferred. There is a wide variety of dunnage materials we use to prevent slippage or movement of cargo.


We have the widest range of pallets available – all required sizes and types in wooden and plastic pallets. As per requirements of the customer, and the end destination, these are suitably processed with fumigation and/or heat treatment. We also use slip sheets (paper pallets) to maximize space utilization, and have special slip sheet attachment forklifts.

Direct Factory Stuffing

With Direct Port Delivery (DPD) on the rise, there is an increasing requirement for palletization/lashing/chocking/securing of cargo at the factory itself, for direct dispatch, or for taking direct delivery. We have fully skilled mobile teams that can be deployed as and when required, or permanently stationed at your factory, to take care of all your cargo securing needs.

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