CFS/ICD/Warehouse Operations

26+ years of experience in managing operations of CFS, ICD and Warehouses with over 4,000 employees. Stuffing/Destuffing of cargo, Supply of Labour and Equipments, Union Management, Cargo Stacking/Boxing/Picking/Dispatching.

Your reliable partner in managing all ground operations

Pearl has deep expertise in managing various aspects of CFS, ICD and Warehouse operations. We currently provide over 4,000 labourers to 15+ locations for handling of cargo. We are 100% compliant with the statutory norms for payment of labourers, and are adept are managing Union relations.

We also provide a variety of equipments as per need – Diesel forklifts, Battery operated forklifts with slip sheets, Reachstackers, Cranes, Hydras, Trailers, Trucks etc.

"Providing 4000+ workers to 15+ locations with 100% statutory compliance and union management – over 50 lakh TEUs handled by us"

Providing Manual and Mechanised Cargo Handling

We handle all types of cargo – palletized, bags, boxes, bulk, agricultural, marble, hazardous, scrap etc. Our workers are fully trained on different requirements, and we provide all the required safety gear, such as high visibility vests, steel toed boots, helmets, gloves etc. We have trained operators for using diesel and battery forklifts to assist in cargo handling.

Taking care of all your equipment needs

We provide the entire range of equipments that are required for on ground operations – Reachstackers, Battery Operated Forklifts, Diesel Operated Forklifts, Hydras, Cranes, Trucks and Trailers. We have skilled operators for all the equipments, along with dedicated repair and maintenance teams and an on hand inventory of spare parts to ensure minimal downtime – so your business never suffers.

Specialised Warehouse Operations

Warehouse operations require specialized knowledge – computer operators to manage the ERP software, inventory management, pick, pack and dispatch operations, battery operated forklifts etc. We help you manage all of this, so you can focus on growing the business. We also have expertise in cold warehouse management, with temperatures as low as minus 18 degrees celcius, and we provide all the required safety gear to our workers, with optimal on/off time schedules for maximizing productivity while maintaining health.

Dry and Reefer Container Repair

We provide comprehensive inspection and repair of dry and reefer containers. Our skilled and highly trained teams follow IICL5 (Institute of International Container Lessors) guidelines, and ensure that your container meets CSC certification standards. Our mechanics are trained on various reefer genset types, and use certified authentic spare parts to repair and get it functional in the quickest turnaround time possible.

Surveyors and Tally Clerks

We have certified container inspectors as per the IICL5 (Institute of International Container Lessors) standards and guidelines, as well as government-licensed certified marine surveyors. We also specialize in surveys of project cargo, vehicles, ODC, and steel coils and pipes.

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