Staffing Solutions

Taking care of your staff, so you can take care of your business

Adding value throughout the entire staffing cycle, from assisting with the right recruitment of permanent and temporary employees, to structuring their salary and benefits, running your payrolls, ensuring statutory compliance, generating payslips, managing employee queries, assisting with Mediclaim filings and reimbursements, to calculating F&F settlements and tracking company assets. We take care of your staff, so you can focus on taking care of your business.

Recruitment Solutions

Whether you need to recruit for temporary staffing, or permanent, we have trained executives with years of experience in finding the right candidates suited for your role. We also tie up with various universities to source free and paid interns to match temporary requirements, and to create a funnel of future potential employees. For any position you require, we match you up with a multitude of apt employees, and we don’t stop until you are completely satisfied.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management comprises one time responsibilities, annual responsibilities and monthly responsibilities. As part of one time responsibilities, we assist with optimal tax efficient structuring of salary and benefits package, creation of your master employee database, and creation of statutory compliance documentation if required. In annual activities, we manage bonus payments, leave encashment payments, IT computations and form 16 and 25. In monthly activities, we run the payroll, generate payslips, handle employee queries, assist with Mediclaim, pay all statutory and government taxes and charges.

Statutory Compliance Services

It is critically important for a company to be 100% statutory compliant. We assist with auditing your current statutory compliance, and helping you achieve complete compliance. Statutory laws vary by state, and each have to be followed. All government regulatory and statutory filings have to be completed within certain dates, and employee data needs to match the regulatory requirements. We pay and generate all statutory compliance challans, such as PF, ESIC, TDS, PT etc. We also assist employees with seeking partial or full withdrawals of PF, and reimbursements from ESIC/Mediclaim.

Union Management

If your employees are already unionized, then we can assist by taking them on our payroll, and being the middle barrier between you and the union. We have decades of union relationship management, and currently work with some of the largest unions across the country. Leveraging these relationships helps us ensure a fair and a win-win scenario between the Principal employers and the employees.

MIS Reports

We can customize and run monthly MIS reports for you, depending on your needs. From the simple and straightforward reports such as pay registers, leave registers, bank advice reports, to the more complex employee productivity reports, attrition reports, new hires vs budget analysis, paid leave analysis, promotion/transfer reports, gratuity liability reports, safety reports, employee asset reports etc. Such deep levels of insight into your company can provide great benchmarking and decision making tools.

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