CFS/ICD/Warehouse Operations

Ship Inventory Management

CFS/ICD/Warehouse Operations

26+ years of experience in managing operations of CFS, ICD and Warehouses with over 4,000 employees. Stuffing/Destuffing of cargo, Supply of Labour and Equipments, Union Management, Cargo Stacking/Boxing/Picking/Dispatching.

Pearl has deep expertise in managing various aspects of CFS, ICD and Warehouse operations. We currently provide over 4,000 labourers to 15+ locations for handling of cargo. We are 100% compliant with the statutory norms for payment of labourers, and are adept are managing Union relations.

We also provide a variety of equipments as per need – Diesel forklifts, Battery operated forklifts with slip sheets, Reachstackers, Cranes, Hydras, Trailers, Trucks etc.

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